Cub Cadet iSeries Tractors, Revolutionary Zero-Turn Tractors

Cub Cadet has always been known for producing lawn tractors that not only perform well, but that last, too. Cub Cadet’s iSeries tractors maintain this commitment to quality and performance, but add to it a level of versatility not to be found in similar competing lawn tractors. This added versatility comes in the form of a specialized technology that allows the riding tractor to incorporate into itself the maneuverability of a zero-turn mower

It seemed like a natural progression. Combining the versatility of a riding tractor with the handling of a zero-turn mower, but only recently did this combination of features come to pass. There are a number of independent systems necessary that have to be made to work in harmony to allow a tractor to act as a zero-turn. Cub Cadet utilizes Synchro-Steer technology that combines a separate traction drive system that operates the rear wheels with a variable ratio steering gear which turns the front wheels at their extreme angle. This system created by Cub Cadet has 17 individual patents on its component systems, so you won’t find this kind of versatility and quality on any other manufacturer’s riding tractors.

There are two different tractors that make up the iSeries from Cub Cadet, each carrying with it a three year, 120-hour warranty and a five-year, 500-hour limited warranty. Both iSeries Cub Cadet tractors feature a pivoting front axle that allows for its zero-turn capability, an easy-to-use push button PTO switch and effortless steering wheel. Both tractors have a low center of gravity thanks to the use of lightweight parts on the upper side of the mower. This helps to keep the tractor stable when you find yourself mowing on a hill.

There are at least 19 different individual attachments produced by Cub Cadet that can be used with the iSeries line of tractors, ranging from wheel weights to tow-behind sprayers, and practically anything in between. While a tractor such as one of the iSeries Cub Cadet tractors can use these implements, traditional zero-turn mowers generally cannot. This added versatility is what helps make the ZTT 42 and ZTT 50 so special. Because both iSeries tractors have the layout that they do, there is a more even weight distribution over the four wheels of the tractor. Because a traditional zero-turn model has its engine at the rear of the mower, most of the weight is centered in the back. Loading an implement down with dirt or water can lead to a lack of traction on the front wheels, which in turn can lead to a dangerous situation. When pulling these attachments, it’s important to avoid allowing the tractor to double back on itself while in a zero-turn situation. This could cause damage to the tractor and to the implement.

Both Cub Cadet iSeries tractors feature a robotically welded steel frame assembly constructed of 12-gauge steel. This helps prevent flex in the tractor’s components as it passes over rough terrain. Adding to the longevity of the Cub Cadet iSeries tractor, this helps keep components from working themselves loose over time, a common issue with many other brands of riding tractors.

The smaller of the two iSeries tractors from Cub Cadet is the ZTT 42. It features an 18-horsepower Kohler Courage single-cylinder, overhead valve engine and a 42-inch cutting deck. Part of the reliability and longevity of Cub Cadet tractors is thanks to the use of automotive-style components. The Kohler engine on the ZTT 42 iSeries tractor features a pressurized oiling system similar to the oiling system used on your car or truck, as well as a spin-on automotive-style oil filter. The ZTT 42 is an ideal compact garden tractor for lots as small as 1/4 of an acre, particularly those that are heavily planted with flower beds and other obstacles that usually require you to use both a riding tractor and a walk-behind mower. Its versatility makes it a great addition to your yard maintenance tools, and its quality is second to none.

The larger of the iSeries tractors is the ZTT 50. It features a 50-inch QuickAttach mowing deck fitted with Cub Cadet’s patented Smart Jet high-pressure deck washing system to help prevent corrosion and poor performance of the cutting deck. Power for the ZTT 50 is supplied by a 25-horsepower Kohler Courage V-twin overhead valve engine that, like the ZTT 42, has a fully pressurized oiling system and a spin-on oil filter. With a larger cutting deck than the ZTT 42, as well as a larger, more powerful engine, the 50-inch tractor takes on larger lots with ease.

Cub Cadet celebrates its 50th year of producing quality lawn equipment this year, with the iSeries zero-turn tractors only the latest in a long line of innovations from a company that endures the years on a reputation of quality.

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 Image Source: Cub Cadet
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