Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor – XT2 LX46

Cub Cadet XT2 LX46The XT2 series of riding mowers from Cub Cadet was designed to give homeowners a taste of professional landscaping, and the LX46 model is sure to accomplish this goal. In addition to its large cutting deck and excellent list of features, the LX46 can be turned into a mulching mower, a double-bagger, and even a snow plow, depending on the accessories that buyers add to the mix. This, along with its powerful engine and premium materials, helps to make the XT2 LX46 riding mower an excellent fit for homeowners with medium-sized lawns and an outsized commitment to professional landscaping results whenever the mower is used.

Start with the Features: This is an Impressive Mower

The XT2 series comes in a wide array of sizes and models, with engines and cutting deck features that allow the mower to work in both residential and smaller commercial environments. The LX46 is decidedly a residential mower, due it its smaller overall size as well as its smaller cutting deck. Even so, this mower has a big commitment to professional-grade features. This commitment can be found in all the small details of the XT2 series. First, the mower comes with larger tires and LED front headlights that improve its safety and make it an excellent fit for mowing even in damp or dark times.

Safety and comfort are also emphasized in the operator area, where a durable seat absorbs engine vibrations and features shock absorbing mechanisms to compensate for uneven terrain while mowing. The LX46 features a highly intuitive operator panel, complete with cruise control. This panel also features a series of digital gauges and alerts, allowing homeowners to see how many hours the mower has been used and whether or not a serious maintenance issue demands their immediate attention.

While driving, several features allow this mower to be smoother and easier to operate than its competitors. The cruise control feature, mentioned earlier, allows the equipment to cruise along at a set speed, giving the operator freedom to focus on precise mowing and staying safe on the job. The equipment also comes with a foot-operated, hydrostatic transmission. This refined Tuff Torq transmission shifts smoothly and effortlessly no matter the mower’s speed, making it easy to maintain consistent turf management.

Under the Hood: Technical Specifications of the XT2 LX46

First and foremost, the XT2 LX46 from Cub Cadet comes with a 46-inch cutting deck that is large enough to handle medium-sized lawns very quickly. The equipment travels forward at speeds of up to 5.5 miles per hour, with reverse speeds of up to 3.1 miles per hour. The mower is powered by a 21.5-horsepower, OHV Kawasaki FR series engine. Combined with the hydrostatic transmission, this engine is highly efficient and will allow a full, 3-gallon fuel tank to power the mower continuously for over an hour. This allows operators to finish the job without interruption in most cases.

In addition to the efficient engine and the smooth transmission, Cub Cadet’s XT2 LX46 riding mower comes with a newly refined steering system that fundamentally alters the mower’s precision in a favorable way. The new steering system allows for a tighter turning radius, getting the mower closer to flowerbeds, tree turns, and other obstructions, and producing a noticeable improvement in the lawn’s aesthetics. No matter the obstructions this mower overcomes, it will do so without damage or injury as a result of its robotically welded steel frame.

Cub Cadet’s XT2 LX46 mower weighs in at 440 pounds before gasoline is added. The equipment measures 68 inches long, 54 inches wide, and 42.5 inches high. These dimensions are perfect for storing the mower in a separate tool shed or within a larger garage, making it easy to access and maintain the mower throughout the year.

Use the Mower in All Seasons with Great Accessory Options

Lawn mowers are often thought of only as summer equipment, but the XT2 series benefits from accessories that make it useful even when the snow is falling. The LX46 is fully compatible with an OEM Cub Cadet snow plow attachment. This model can also be used with Cub Cadet’s double bagger for storing clippings, its mulching attachment, and arm rests for the operator’s seat. There are numerous other, smaller add-ons that extend the mower’s usefulness, enhance its comfort, and make it a better overall fit for today’s homeowners and their unique needs. is a Great Source for Parts and Accessories should be the first place that any XT2 LX46 mower owner visits when they’re in need of new accessories or OEM replacement parts for their mower. The site allows equipment owners to sort replacement parts according to the required part number, their mower’s model number, or its specific engine series. Additionally, the full assortment of XT2 accessories can be found at, giving operators a way to extend and enhance their equipment in all seasons.

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