Cub Lawn Tractor XT2 LX50

Cub Cadet XT2 LX50Cub Cadet’s XT2 riding mowers bring commercial power and professional landscaping results to homeowners everywhere, with powerful engines, large decks, and a choice between dual-blade or triple-blade cutting systems. Along with their overall power and performance, these mowers can be extended with a number of great OEM accessories and maintained with a large selection of OEM parts. Homeowners looking for the “next big thing” in residential mowing should consider the comfort and professional results produced by the XT2 lineup, especially the upgraded LX50 model.

Exciting Features Make the LX50 a Great Buy

The XT2 mower series can be purchased with either a dual-blade or triple-blade cutting system housed within the mower deck. The company’s smaller models, with 46-inch cutting decks, come with the dual-blade system. Its larger mowers, starting with the 50-inc LX50 model, feature triple-blade cutting that produces even better consistent and overall aesthetics while mowing. The triple-blade system covers the full diameter of the 50-inch cutting deck, slicing each blade three times and standing it up tall as the mower passes over. This allows turf to showcase a consistent cut, color, and height after the job is finished.

In addition to highly precise cutting, the XT2 LX50 riding mower comes with an intuitive operator panel that allows for control over the cruise control and other key mower features. The operator control panel also has a digital usage meter, measuring mower use in hours. This measurement makes it easy to adhere to the mower’s included service schedule. Warning lights and service alert icons are also featured on this control panel, highlighting engine trouble, low fuel, oil problems, and other concerns that might seriously affect the mower’s ability to continue getting the job done.

All of the XT2 mowers come with exceedingly bright LED headlights, which make evening mowing much easier. This is a great option for homeowners who wish to get the job done while avoiding the heat and health hazards of the midday sun. The mower’s cutting deck is made from durable stamped steel, designed to resist damage or corrosion during challenging mowing conditions or inclement weather. The mower also features large tires with deep treads, allowing for greater traction on damp turf that enhances operator safety.

Operators will enjoy superior comfort thanks not only to special seat materials that keep vibrations away, but also the high-back seat design that provides superior support to the spine while mowing. To keep the mower clean, the XT2 LX50 comes with a SmartJet high-pressure cleaning port. Operators can use the port, along with a garden hose, to force clippings and general grime away from the cutting deck and mower blades. This extends the life of the blades and keeps the mower free of corrosion that might result from a dirty undercarriage.

Technical Specifications for the Cub Cadet XT2 LX50

Like its smaller counterparts, the Cub Cadet XT2 LX50 mower features a Kawasaki engine. An OHV engine from the FR series, this engine produces up to 23 horsepower when it’ pushed to the limit. This large amount of horsepower allows the mower to travel forward very quickly, and it also makes for precise cutting and efficient use of fuel on uneven terrain. The mower can drive forward at up to 5.5 mph, with a maximum reverse speed of up to 3.1 miles per hour. This mower, in an effort to make things easier for homeowners, features a one-touch cruise control setting that will maintain a consistent speed without added effort.

Along with the smooth, hydrostatic transmission that comes with this model, Cub Cadet has worked on an enhanced steering system that is more precise overall. This allows for tighter turns while mowing. It’s also a key way to get the mower closer to obstructions, cutting down on precision trimming work after the fact. Continuous mowing is boosted by a three-gallon fuel tank that permits over an hour of continuous work. The mower’s 500-pound weight and 47-inch wheelbase make it moderately sized, but small enough for storage in a standard shed or garage.

Add Utility to the XT2 LX50 with a Few Great Accessories

From snow plows to arm rests, the accessories made available for the XT2 series are designed to make these mowers even more useful and comfortable than they are as standalone equipment. Cub Cadet’s commitment to quality ensures that all of its XT2 accessories, from snow plows and arm rests to double-bagging systems and mulcher attachments, provide an excellent value, professional results, and durable utility for years after purchase.

From OEM Parts to Accessories, Find it at is an excellent resource for Cub Cadet XT2 LX50 owners. The site features all of the company’s mower accessories, making it easy to extend the mower beyond summer landscaping work. also features a search tool for OEM Cub Cadet replacement parts, sorting them by model number, part number, and engine manufacturer.

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