Cub Cadet String Trimmer Overview

Cub Cadet String TrimmerWhat is the ideal string trimmer? Cub Cadet understands it depends a lot on where and how it will be used, so they offer 9 different models, each built to fill a particular niche. Not sure which one to get? Here’s a model breakdown by features.


Which is better, a two stroke or a four stroke engine? Four strokes don’t need to have oil mixed in with their fuel, they’re easy to start and they have low emissions, but two strokes pack a lot more power and have a simpler design that reduces overall weight. Whichever you prefer, Cub Cadet has a model to fit your needs with light duty and heavy duty versions of their two and four stroke designs.

The SS 270, BC 210 and BC 280 use a 27 cc two stroke engine while the BC 509 and SS 418 use a 29 cc 4 stroke. These are built for light duty work and have an EPA rating of 50 hours.

The SS 470, ST 428 and BC 490 have a 25cc PRO four stroke, while the ST 228, ST 428 and BC 490 use a 25cc PRO 2 stroke motor. These engines are rated at 125 hours under EPA standards.

Feed Head

Like engines, head designs are a matter of personal preference. Fixed line heads use pre-cut line that is threaded through holes in the head which is easy to set up, but may require frequent stops when trimming. Bump heads hold a spool of string which is dispensed by bumping the bottom knob against the ground. This makes string replacement almost instantaneous, but poorly-threaded string can jam the spool, requiring the operator to stop and re-wrap the spool.

The SS 270 and BC 280 use a fixed line head and the SS 470 and BC 490 use a bump head. Both the BC 280 and BC 490 come with a brushcutter attachment. The ST 228 and ST 428 have a premium bump head and a brushcutter blade. Cub Cadet also offers a separate brushcutter attachment that fits all of their models.

The SS 270 and BC 280 use 0.105 diameter line, while all other models use 0.095 diameter line.

No matter what head they may have been fitted with from the factory, any of these models can use an Aero-Flex head. This head uses aerodynamic blades instead of line, decreasing fuel consumption while providing longer service life — a blade can last as much as 50 times longer than a piece of line.

Cutting Area

The BC 509 has an 18 inch cutting swath, while all other models have 17 inch cutting swath. Of course, changing heads will affect the cutting area.


The SS 270 and SS 470 have a contour handle, letting the operator use a lighter grip for more comfort. The other models use a brush cutter handle for a tighter, more controlled grip when slicing through tough growth, but this handle is mounted to a loop similar in shape to the contour handle.


A string trimmer is essentially a motor attached to a long drive shaft, so it seems like a natural extension to use the basic structure to power tools requiring work close to the ground, like grass cutting, or a long reach, like tree trimming.

Since all of Cub Cadet’s string trimmers have a removable head, the can be swapped out with a long list of accessories including a pole saw, hedge trimmer, edger, powered broom, cultivator and blower. By reusing the engine in multiple applications, owners can have the advantages of motorized tools for common landscaping jobs without the cost of dedicated machines.

Where to Buy Cub Cadet String Trimmer Parts

Want to pick up some accessories to extend your trimmer’s flexibility? Need parts to keep your Cub Cadet trimmer up and running? has everything you need. carries OEM parts and accessories for all of Cub Cadet’s products, and they can ship anywhere.

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