Cub Cadet Snowblower Review: Model 528 SWE

As colder air begins to settle in, many homeowners are preparing to do battle with another winter season full of big snowfall accumulations, legendary storms, and the inconvenience presented by snow-covered driveways and walkways. In this battle, the best tool for the job is the Cub Cadet 528 SWE snowblower. The model comes highly recommended by Consumers Digest and is one of the leading products for heavy-duty snow clearing this winter.

An Award-Winning Snowblower for Serious Storms

The United States is a big country, and it comes with a big selection of winters. From the occasional ice storm to the frequent blizzard, Americans are used to cleaning up after Mother Nature’s mess. The Cub Cadet 528 SWE snowblower is the perfect tool for the job for those Americans who live in the so-called “snow belt.” The snowblower is designed to deal with pretty large accumulations of snow and, with an added attachment, it can even cut through the snow drifts that characterize mid-winter snowfall events.

The zero-turn Posi-Steer system included with the snowblower makes it far easier to use than competing models from other manufacturers, allowing operators to use a little less effort in order to get the job done in a quick and efficient way. It’s a unique system, and it’s exclusive to Cub Cadet.

Also exclusive to the Cub Cadet 528 SWE snowblower is the Consumers Digest award for Best Buy. The popular consumer rating agency awarded the 528 SWE this honor after reviewing its functions and general price range, concluding that it offered superior quality and capability in its price range when compared to other manufacturers. The group gave Cub Cadet itself high marks, remarking that it continues to have among the highest-quality snowblowers in the industry.

A Serious Snowblower Broken Down by Specifications

With the 528 SWE snowblower, Cub Cadet set out to create a product that was a value leader in its class, but also one that was able to easily cut through the biggest snowfall accumulations that Mother Nature might throw at it. It has done this by equipping the model with a 28-inch clearing width. That means the Cub Cadet will be able to clear entire sidewalks in just one swipe, instead of requiring an “up and back” clearing method that many snowblowers necessitate. Its 21″ intake height makes it perfect for snowfall events that approach a two-foot accumulation, a clear nod to the country’s snowiest cities and suburbs.

The 528 SWE snowblower comes with six forward speeds and two reverse speeds, making it highly efficient during operation. Consumers can even put it into a “neutral” speed when moving the snowblower over an area that has already been cleaned. In addition to making the snowblower easier to move, this will save operator energy and snowblower fuel. This commitment to efficiency means less trips to the gas station and a more affordable way to operate the snowblower overall.

The six-speed transmission is combined with Cub Cadet’s innovative Posi-Steer power steering system to further enhance the operation of the snowblower. This zero-turn system makes it far easier to clear larger spaces, like driveways and parking lots, by making it easier to change directions and cover a larger overall space with less effort. It’s one of the main features that homeowners will appreciate, and it’s one way that the company enhanced the value of this model. Consumers Digest, of course, eventually recognized that value, in their issue reviewing the year’s top snowblower products.

For Long-Term Snow-Clearing Success, Choose OEM Parts

In the event that the Cub Cadet 528 SWE snowblower ever requires a replacement part in order to keep functioning, consumers would be well-advised to choose an OEM option over a competing, off-brand replacement part. That’s because Cub Cadet itself manufacturers OEM replacement parts, ensuring that they’re just as high-quality and durable as the snowblowers that have won numerous awards from outside agencies.

Furthermore, these parts are assuredly compatible with the model they’re designed for, which cannot be said of generic parts that may unexpectedly be slightly malformed or defective. Treat a high-quality snowblower to high-quality parts, and reap the rewards.

In Pursuit of OEM Replacement Parts, Choose the Parts Lookup Tool

The parts lookup tool at is easily the best way to find the right OEM replacement parts for any Cub Cadet snowblower, including the 528 SWE model. Using the model number and relevant part number, consumers can find exactly what they require in just a few seconds. For those who do not know the exact part number or model number, a series of drop-down menu selections can help to highlight the right tools for the job.

With the backing of, one of the leading distributors of Cub Cadet snowblowers and other power equipment, consumers can rest assured that they’ll get the snowblower they want, the parts they need, and the service they deserve, every time they venture online to do their shopping.

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