XT3 Lawn Tractors

Cub Cadet XT3 GSXAre you looking for a mower that can do almost anything? Cub Cadet’s XT3 Enduro Garden Tractors offer serious cutting performance and have the strength to handle trailers and equipment that would be impossible with a ZTR. By adding the right equipment, these mowers can be used all year long, doing everything from overseeding to snow clearing.

Durable and Easy to Use

While it may be small, the XT3 is built like a full-size tractor to handle heavy workloads. The steel frame is e-coated, a process halfway between painting and plating to create a durable, rust-proof finish. Cast iron is used for the transmission housing and front axle, and power is sent to the transmission and PTO using shaft drives, a first for this segment of the market.

This year, Cub Cadet switched from the prosumer Kohler 7000 to its commercial counterpart, the Command Pro V-twin. Both engines share the same block design, but the Command Pro’s improved lubrication and air filtration ensure a longer service life. These engines are paired with a Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission with a top speed of 6.5 mph going forward and 3.5 mph in reverse. Cruise control is standard, making it easy to get a consistent cut.

Buyers can choose between stamped and fabricated decks in widths ranging from 42 to 60 inches. Stamped decks have maximum vacuum, helping the blades cut an even, smooth finish. Fabricated decks use thick steel plates, making them impact resistant at the expense of cutting performance. The deck can be set to one of 10 cutting positions ranging from 1.5-4 inches. Both deck designs have a built-in washout port, letting you clean the mowing chamber by hooking up a garden hose.


GS: Powered by a 22.5 HP Kohler Command V-Twin, the GS is available with a choice of 42, 50, and 54-inch stamped decks. A front bumper comes standard.

GSX: A 25 HP Kohler Command V-Twin and a locking rear differential give this mower the power and traction needed for demanding accessories. This model is available with 42, 50 and 54-inch stamped decks as well as 48, 50, 54, and 60-inch fabricated decks. Instead of a bumper, this mower comes with a full brush guard.


Both the GS and GSX are designed around Cub Cadet’s QuickAttach system, letting you install and remove accessories without tools, whether they’re front or rear-mounted.

Looking to do some gardening with your garden tractor? The disc cultivator breaks ground, while the 42-inch box scraper levels the dirt for gardening or cleaning up paddocks. There’s also a broadcast spreader that takes the work out of seeding lawns.

Need to carry tools and materials? Cub Cadet offers a steel box trailer, composite Hauler trailer with folding sides, and a swivel/dump cart.

For fall cleanup, the company offers 44 and 50 inch-wide lawn sweepers for picking up leaves and pine cones. Leaves and grass can be picked up using double and triple bag clipping collection systems.

For winter cleanup, the XT3 can be used with a three-stage snow thrower attachment. Like Cub Cadet’s 3X snowblowers, this attachment has an auger that chops up snow before sending it through the chute, helping it cut through the densest accumulation.

Cub Cadet offers three options for weather protection: a sunshade, a snow cab and a snow cab that can be converted into a sunshade for year-round use.


Kohler guarantees their engines for three years. Cub Cadet covers the chassis and axle for 5 years, fabricated deck shells for the life of the mower, and everything else on the XT3 for four years.

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