Cub Cadet XT3 GS Lawn Tractor

Cub Cadet XT3 GSThe XT3 Enduro series of mowers from Cub Cadet is designed to blend the best of commercial and residential mowing into one sleek, compact piece of equipment. The XT3 lineup is split into three different models, which mostly differentiate on technical specifications rather than their features. The XT3 GS is Cub Cadet’s entry-level model in this series, and it’s a perfect fit for homeowners who are either new to riding mower ownership or are looking to trade up from a smaller, less powerful mower as they seek to upgrade their overall lawn maintenance experience. With its excellent feature and impressive specifications, even this entry-level XT3 GS model will surprise homeowners with its flexibility and powerful performance.

The XT3 Enduro Series’ Features are Impressive

XT3 mowers aren’t designed to handle only conventional turf. In fact, they’re designed specifically with the ability to cut down taller grasses and weeds around the home more efficiently than most other Cub Cadet mowers. The XT3 will easily pass over taller grass and weeds, mulching them or bagging the clippings without engine problems or inconsistent power. This performance, along with the mower’s overall efficiency, is thanks to the XT3’s shaft drive system. Unlike other mowers, this shaft drive system does not make use of belts. This reduces the amount of regular maintenance required, and it significantly reduces the number of potential repairs required throughout the typical mowing season.

Along with the shaft drive system found in this model, Cub Cadet has paired all of its XT3 Enduro series mowers with V-Twin Kohler engines. These commercial-grade small engines are as powerful as they are efficient, allowing the mower to go many hours without requiring refueling. The engine is responsible for driving a highly durable cutting deck, which can be purchased in varying sizes. The cutting deck offers up to three cutting blades for professional aesthetics that will keep the lawn healthy and looking great all summer long.

Finally, safety is a key concern for Cub Cadet across all of its models. For this reason, the XT3 GS comes with bright LED headlights, an informative operator control panel that includes alerts for safety and maintenance concerns, and wider rear tires that enhance stability. The equipment also features a more comfortable operator control area, with a seat that keeps vibrations away from the operator’s body at all times.

Tech Specs: A Quick Look Under the Hood of the XT3 GS

The XT3 GS comes with a Kohler Command OHV engine capable of producing 22 horsepower. This allows the mower to drive one of several cutting decks, ranging in size from a 42-inch system with dual blades, to a 54-inch cutting deck that features triple-blade precision. This flexibility allows homeowners to “mix and match” when they purchase an XT3 mower, picking the engine and deck size combination that best fits their budgetary concerns and the needs of their outdoor areas. All cutting decks are made from stamped steel, enhancing their durability and making them compatible with a broader array of Cub Cadet accessories.

No matter which cutting deck is chosen, the XT3 GS’ deck control lever can adjust the height as high as 4 inches or as low as 1.5 inches, making sure that the equipment produces the perfect cut for every homeowner’s taste. The mower’s overall dimensions make it easy to store in garages and tool sheds around the home, with a wheelbase measuring just 50.6 inches. The mower weighs 800 pounds and, thanks to its powerful Kohler engine and shaft drive system, can travel forward at speeds of up to 6.5 miles per hour. The mower reverses at up to 3.5 miles per hour and, with a 3.3-gallon fuel tank, will be able to travel in any direction continuously for at least several hours at a time.

Make the Most of the XT3 GS with Accessories and Attachments

The XDT3 GS isn’t just a mower, though that’s certainly its central feature. The equipment can also be paired with attachments that turn it into a snow thrower and into a piece of lawn renovation equipment each spring. Homeowners can also choose to enhance the mower’s actual mowing capabilities with a highly precise mulching attachment and extra bagging capacity, depending on how they intend to process clippings. These OEM accessories and attachments offer Cub Cadet quality and yearlong utility. Has the New Mowers and Parts Buyers are Looking For is an excellent resource for both new equipment buyers and those homeowners who need OEM parts for seasonal maintenance or occasional repairs. With a wide selection of new XT3 Enduro mowers, and a parts search tool that makes it easy to find compatible replacements for a wide variety of mowers, makes it easier to own a mower and keep it in great condition for many years to come.

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