Cub Cadet XT3 GSX Enduro Lawn Tractor

Cub Cadet XT3 GSXCub Cadet’s XT3 Enduro series of lawn tractors is one of the company’s most powerful lineups for homeowners, and the XT3 GSX model is the most powerful of the three options in this series. With a slightly larger size, a slightly more powerful engine, and full compatibility with a wide range of cutting decks, this mower stands out as one of the most flexible for discerning homeowners who are looking for professional results each time they mow. The equipment is also compatible with a large number of all-season accessories, making it just as useful during snow clearing as it is during lawn mowing. Get acquainted with this powerful piece of equipment by reviewing its full lineup of features, specifications, and available accessories.

Get Started with Powerful XT3 Enduro Series Features

One of the most attractive features of the XT3 GSX mower is its belt-less drive system, allowing the mower to be more easily maintained throughout the year. The absence of belts reduces the margin for error when operating the equipment, all but ensuring less engine maintenance throughout the year. Furthermore, this reduces the total cost of ownership since it dramatically reduces the maintenance burden that most operators will face. In addition to being a bit easier to maintain, this mower is also a bit easier to use throughout the year.

Unlike many other mowers of this size, the XT3 GSX comes with the ability to choose both the cutting deck size and its construction at the time of purchase. The GSX is one of the few models compatible with both Cub Cadet’s fabricated and stamped steel decks, giving operators material flexibility as well as the ability to choose the deck size that best fits their needs and their lawn’s overall size. The equipment is also designed for compatibility with Cub Cadet’s accessories, turning the lawn tractor into a snowplow, a snow thrower, or one of many other useful options.

For safety and security, the operator area has been completely overhauled. An operator panel includes both conventional driving controls and maintenance alerts, making it easy to keep the mower in a state of good repair. The seat features deadening materials that stop engine vibrations from reaching the operator, and larger rear wheels allow for operation on rougher terrain without the risk of injury or mower damage. These features make the XT3 GSX a powerhouse for operators with larger, less flat lawns.

The Specs: Cub Cadet’s Most Powerful XT3 Mower

A great mower offers the right blend of useful features and impressive technical specifications, and the XT3 GSX mower certainly stands up to this test. In addition to its excellent features, the mower comes with a 25-horsepower Kohler engine that is designed to perform at a near-commercial level. The Kohler Command OHV engine is a perfect fit for this mower, which can power one of six available cutting decks, several seasonal accessories, and professional-grade mowing tasks all year long. The engine works with a heavy-duty shaft drive system to permit smoother, more enjoyable driving. The equipment can travel forward at up to 6.5 miles per hour as a result, while it can reverse at up to 3.5 miles per hour when needed.

The mower’s powerful engine and cutting deck flexibility gives operators plenty of options. Three of the company’s stamped steel decks are compatible with the XT3 GSX mower, measuring 42, 50, or 55 inches wide. Cub Cadet’s fabricated decks are also compatible with this model, measuring 58, 50, or 54 inches wide. Regardless of the cutting deck chosen, operators can adjust its height as low as 1.5 inches, or as high as 4 inches, depending on their unique needs. The equipment weighs in at 800 pounds with a cutting deck attached, with a variable width depending on the deck size. That makes this model highly portable, and it should allow for easy storage in larger garages or specialized storage sheds.

XT3 Series Accessories Enable All-Season Utility

Though this mower is an excellent piece of equipment for maintaining lawns during the warmer months of the year, that’s not its only potential function. In fact, Cub Cadet has made the XT3 Enduro series of mowers compatible with a wide range of accessories that will make the equipment useful even in the coldest depths of winter. The equipment can be paired with a snowplow, a snow thrower, a rear spreader, and a small trailer. The system can also be enhanced with a bigger bagging attachment or an enhanced mulching attachment. All of these accessories turn the XT3 into a powerhouse for both summertime lawn maintenance and all-season outdoor work that will keep the home’s curb appeal strong throughout the year.

New Mowers and OEM Parts Can Be Found at

If the time has come to purchase a new Cub Cadet XT3 mower, or one of the many OEM replacement parts required for seasonal maintenance and repairs, look no further than In addition to all of the XT3 mowers, the site features a parts search tool that will filter OEM replacements by their part number, their corresponding mower model number, or the engine type with which they’re compatible. This is a great way to find fully compatible parts for any Cub Cadet mower, maintaining its great power and features over the long-term.

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