Cub Cadet XT3 Series Lawn Tractors

Cub Cadet XT3 GSFor serious power users and seasoned home landscapers, few Cub Cadet mowers are more attractive than one from the company’s XT3 Enduro series. These mowers are some of the largest and most powerful residential models on the market, and they add a great deal of value to the typical riding mower. Rather than just mowing the lawn, these mowers can be extended with accessories after purchase that make them all-season powerhouses. Their overall engine power and durability allows them to do everything from plow snow to cut the grass and interact with the lawn in other ways. When deciding between each model, there are a few important, unifying characteristics to keep in mind.

Model Availability: Three Options to Choose From

Currently, Cub Cadet allows customers to choose from among three different XT3 Enduro series models. The company has named these models the XT3 GS, the XT3 GSE, and the high-end XT3 GSX. Each model presents a slightly different opportunity for power and performance around the home, with varying engines, accessories, and cutting decks. For the most part, however, all three mowers share a commitment to identical overall features that will make it easier than ever to maintain the lawn and other outdoor spaces throughout all seasons. These features are the true selling points of the GS, GSE, and GSX models despite their small differences.

Cub Cadet XT3 Enduro Riding Mower Series Features

One of the most innovative features found in all three Cub Cadet XT3 Enduro mowers is the use of the Cub Cadet shaft drive system. This drive system eliminates all belts from the engine, making for an overall more durable and reliable mower when compared to competing options. The absence of belts makes regular maintenance easier and reduces the cost associated with seasonal repairs or emergency repair work. The engine is also easier to drive, more efficient in routine operation, and better for tougher mowing tasks. These tougher mower tasks include driving the mower through very tall grass without stalling. Other, more inferior engines would quite literally “choke” on this task, shutting down the equipment until the mower is moved to somewhere with more favorable turf.

The engine’s belt-free design is only the beginning for this mower, however. The use of commercial-grade Kohler V-Twin engines is a great way to overcome the most common problems that plague most residential models. The Kohler engine provides far smoother operation overall, with fewer vibrations that could distract or fatigue the operator. The engine also works well with the mower’s included cruise control as well as its automatic transmission, making for an easier time when maneuvering the mower, controlling its speed, and rounding corners.

Unlike many conventional mowers for residential customers, the XT3 Enduro series comes without a deck already fastened to the mower. Instead, the cutting deck is sold separately. This allows customers to choose the cutting deck size and design that best fits their needs. The company’s cutting decks range in size from 42 inches to more than 60 inches, and feature dual-blade and triple-blade designs. Homeowners can also choose from conventional cutting, mulching, or bagging designs, giving them ultimate control over how clippings are handled around the home. All decks produce the Cub Cadet “Signature Cut,” a professional aesthetic that matches what commercial mowers can produce.

The mower is also easily paired with a wide range of accessories. These are not all conventional mower accessories, however. Some of them are, in fact, all-season accessories that make the equipment a must-have for winter maintenance. This is due in large part to the use of a commercial-grade Kohler engine, but it’s also due to the inherent flexibility of the XT3 Enduro series design.

The Available Accessories: Take Mower Ownership a Step Further

There are plenty of mower-centric accessories that make cutting the grass easier throughout the spring, summer, and autumn months. An enhanced bagger kit allows the mower to more easily and efficiently store a large volume of clippings during longer mowing tasks, for instance. A mulching kit allows for the creation of a very fine mulch, nourishing the lawn between rainfall events, fertilizer use, or routine mowing. Beyond these accessories, however, some of the most interesting accessories are those that make the mower more useful for unrelated tasks.

Chief among these is the Cub Cadet snow thrower attachment. There’s no need for XT3 Enduro series owners to buy a separate piece of equipment during the winter. With this attachment, their existing mower becomes the most effective way to clear snow and dig out after a major storm. The cargo trailer, which attaches to the back of the mower, is also a great way to turn the Enduro XT3 into an all-purpose hauling machine. Snow blades, operator armrests, and other attachments, all further enhance just how useful this mower is in a variety of environments.

For New Mowers and Parts, Visit is a top destination for those homeowners considering an XT3 Enduro series mower or the replacement parts needed to keep this powerful machine in great condition. With years of Cub Cadet expertise and an intuitively designed parts lookup tool, customers will find it easy to choose the best equipment and parts to get the job done efficiently in any season.

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