How to Maintain a Cub Cadet 3X Series Three-Stage Snowblower

Cub Cadet 3X 28Cub Cadet’s 3X three-stage snowblowers are sold to consumers as promising pieces of heavy-duty equipment, and that makes them largely worry-free throughout the winter. Even so, these essential pieces of equipment do require regular maintenance so that they remain just as powerful and as efficient as their first use after purchase. For those customers new to Cub Cadet snowblowers, and the 3X series specifically, there are a few key maintenance guidelines to follow when ensuring that this particular model remains a force to be reckoned with after major winter weather events.

Safety Check: Maintenance is No Joke

Maintenance shouldn’t be dangerous, but it certainly can be for those operators that don’t follow Cub Cadet’s guidelines before and during any routine procedure. Make sure that the snowblower has had time to cool off after operation if maintenance is going to be performed. A hot engine can result not only in operator burns, but also in a spark that might ignite oil or gasoline during routine work.

The equipment should be operated on in an open or well-ventilated area, and it should be placed on a hard, flat surface to guard against fluid spills or tipping. With these guidelines in place, proceed through each of the items below as recommended by Cub Cadet in the owner’s manual.

Shave Plate and Skid Shoes

The shave plate and skid shoes regularly come into contact with the iciest parts of any snow accumulation, and occasionally come into contact with the ground. After repeated exposure to the ice and topsoil, they become worn down and largely ineffective during routine use. Because both parts are essential when performing efficient snow clearing, they should be checked at least once per season to ensure no excessive wear has taken place.

In the case of the 3X series skid shoes, worn edges are actually easy to solve. That’s because the company ships its skid shoes with two edges for snow clearing. Simply rotating the skid shoe 180 degrees will reveal a new, unworn edge that can likely be used for the rest of the upcoming season before the part needs to be replaced entirely.


Lubrication is absolutely essential when ensuring the 3X series remains efficient throughout not only the current season, but well into the future. To get started with regular lubrication, be sure to understand the three key areas that are most in need of regular lubrication and double-checking throughout the season.

Snowblower Wheels

Lubrication of the snowblower’s wheels should take place a least once per season, typically either before or after an extended period of storage or inactivity. Apply a light coating of multipurpose automotive grease to the axles before reattaching each wheel. This will reduce noise and friction, and eliminate wear on the wheels that can save long-term expenses.

The Auger Shaft

The 3X series’ auger shaft contains shear pins that will require lubrication at least once per season to ensure continued efficiency during routine work. To perform this lubrication, simply remove the shear pins from the auger shaft and spray a mild lubricant in the resulting openings. Also spray this lubricant around all spacers and any flange bearings or bushings located in the auger shaft. Replace the shear pins after lubrication is complete.

The Gear Shaft

Unlike the auger shaft and snowblower wheels, lubrication requirements for the gear shaft are a bit more stringent. Instead of lubricating this area once per season, equipment operators need to make sure they’re lubricating the gear shaft after at least every 25 hours of operation. To do so, run the equipment until it has run out of fuel, tip the equipment upward, and apply a light coating of engine oil to the gear shaft area.

Potential Adjustments: What to Consider Throughout the Season

Though the Cub Cadet 3X series will largely take care of itself outside of some basic maintenance requirements, use of the equipment throughout the winter will eventually require a few adjustments to be made so that speed and overall efficiency remain consistent. Among the most common adjustments:

  • ┬áThe Shift Cable

The shift cable controls the speed of the equipment during use and, if it becomes excessively worn or loose, it will force the equipment to be used in fewer and fewer speeds. A quick adjustment process, as detailed in the operator’s manual, can shorten the shift cable and make it possible for the 3X to use all of its available speeds.

  • Skid Shoes

Worn skid shoes are a common sight on any snowblower, and they’re pretty easy to detect by their worn down appearance, cracks, and other lines. Adjusting or replacing the skid shoes is a relatively easy process and should be done at least once per season for optimal efficiency. Has Snowblowers and Parts for Today’s Consumers

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