Which Snow Thrower is Right For You?

With their easy to start engines and high build quality, a Cub Cadet is a great choice when buying a snow blower. However, with over 20 options to choose from, picking the right model for your needs can be a little confusing. Let’s break down these models into their features and how they’ll work to clear snow from your land.


This single stage snowblower is the smallest in Cub Cadet’s lineup, but it doesn’t skimp on features. It has an electric starter, and since the engine uses the same design as their quick starting recoil motors, there’s no lengthy cranking to get the motor running.

1X models can handle snow up to a depth of 6 inches, and its compact size makes it ideal for clearing walkways and driveways that can hold up to 8 cars. It may not be self-propelled, but the auger is designed to work at any speed, so it easily deals with snow no matter how slow or fast you push it. These snow blowers work best on smooth, paved surfaces.

Cub Cadet offers the 1X in three models with engines ranging from 123 to 208cc. The 221 LHP adds a remote control for the chute so it can be adjusted from the operator position, and it comes with a headlight.

The 1X is covered by a three year residential or one year commercial warranty.


This is a two stage snow thrower: one impeller draws in and chops up snow, while a second impeller pushes the snow through the chute. It has all the features of the 1X, plus many more.

Aside from the 524 WE, all 2X models are equipped with power steering: just pull the lever on the handle, and the wheel starts turning. Pull both levers, and the 2X will propel itself through the snow.

A remote four-way chute control lets you change the pitch and angle from the operator position to aim snow on the fly. 2X models work well on both gravel and paved surfaces, and it can handle 15 car driveways as well as sidewalks.

There are 8 models of 2X with clearing widths ranging from 24 to 25 inches and engines from 208 to 420cc. All versions can handle snow up to a foot deep.

Like the 1X, it’s covered by a three year residential and one year commercial warranty.


Look anywhere but the front, and you may see little difference between this and the 2X. It has all the same features, but this model adds a patented induction accelerator, an extra stage that helps pull snow and slush into the lower impellers. This feature lets the 3X move snow 50% faster than an equivalent 2X.

The 3X can move snow up to 18 inches deep, and the different models are designed to clear anywhere between 24 and 30 inches at a time. That’s enough power and speed to tackle the largest driveways. Engines for the nine models of 3X snow throwers range from 277 to 420 cc. At the top end are two TRAC models that come with track drives for tackling severe terrain.

Along with the 3 year/1 year warranty the other blowers come with, the auger box is guaranteed with a 5 year warranty for all owners.

3X Attachment

The 3X attachment uses the same three stage snow throwing system as the stand-alone 3X and is a whopping 42 inch wide, letting your tractor clear large areas in short order. It’s designed to work with Cub Cadet XT1 and XT2 lawn tractors.


Performance is one thing, but the right accessories can make the job even easier.

If you opt for the 1X, your options are limited to snow chains for the tires and skid shoes for sliding over pavement.

Need more visibility or weather protection? Both the 2X and 3X can use snow cabs that protect the upper half of your body from snow and wind as well as an LED light bar for illumination. Cub Cadet also offers snow chains and skid shoes for these models.

Where to Buy Parts for Cub Cadet Snow Throwers

No matter which model you choose, you can get replacement parts from www.cubparts.com. We’re a certified dealer, and our massive parts stock lets us ship what you need soon after you order. Live in Canada? We can often ship parts for less than you can buy them domestically. We make it easy to find the right part thanks to online factory diagrams that let you see exploded views of your snow thrower so you can match it up with what you need.

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